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Public Entity Insurance Solutions

Put our decades of Public Entity knowledge to work for you!

Public entities have significantly different needs than those of commercial businesses and corporations. Property risks, liability exposures, employee benefits, and emerging risks such as cyber (ex: ransomware and public entities) are all significantly different. Saville Public Entity is an insurance broker that specializes in meeting the unique insurance and risk management needs of public entities. We have earned a reputation for innovation and success nationally in the public sector.

Public Sector Insurance Leader

Saville Public Entity is an industry leader with more than 35 years of experience in the public sector. We provide highly successful strategies, services, and products for a complete range of public sector clients. We understand how the insurance marketplace effects organizations and shapes their risk transfer approach.

Agencies choose Saville Public Entity because they wish to build on their existing public entity book of business. Our extensive specialized expertise of the public entity insurance business combined with our focus on developing innovative programs provides you with extraordinary support. The support we provide is required for success at every step of the process from application through claims and renewals.

Our diverse public sector experience includes:

• Counties
• Airports
• Charter schools
• Cities and townships
• Convention centers
• Higher education (public, private, and community colleges)
• K–12 public schools
• Museums
• Ports
• Special districts
• Law Enforcement Agencies (Occurrence or Claims-made)
• Stadiums and arenas
• Transportation authorities
• Utilities
• All Criminal Justice Agencies including private jails, probationary services, etc.
…and More

Our programs are designed exclusively for public entities relying on our ever-widening national service and long-term relationships with insurance carriers. These unique programs deliver our agents and their public entities the advantage of solutions not available from other brokers.

Programs vary by state. Call for details.

We rely on over 35 years of industry experience with leading carriers. The creation of these programs at both state and national level allows Saville Public Entity to continue our unique series of program design for public entities.

Whether you’re worried about your book of business, the competition, or simply market changes, contact us today to learn about putting Saville Public Entity to work for you!

We Complete All Applications for You: Less Work, Same Commission. Decades of Experience.


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