Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Saville Public Entity if I already write my City or County’s insurance?
A: The majority of our accounts are through incumbent agents. We handle the renewal and quoting process for you, the agent, and prepare them for the meeting with the municipality. This includes completing all of the applications, spreadsheeting schedules, losses, and budgets, and researching the competition.  This saves you time and money and allows you to keep the account and the same commission you are currently making.

Q: What work is required from the agent for a submission?
A: We make the process as easy as possible. Agents can send us an email with any expiring information you have and we will build the submission for you. We generally can use the same submission information that is sent to the current carrier.

Q: Why are you the dominant player in the Public Entity business?
A: We specialize in the Public Sector.  We have quoted more than 2,000 municipalities ranging from major metropolitan cities to small towns, schools, law enforcement, transit associations, and more

Q: My state has a Pool/Association/League that is coming in to my local municipality. How would you protect my account so that it stays with my agency?
A: We conduct in-depth research on the various pools and leagues that we compete against. We will break down the details of our proposal against our competition, highlighting the coverage gaps and the areas where we are a better fit for the municipality.

Q: How does your agency handle endorsements and schedules changes for my insured?
A: All Property and Auto Additions under $750,000 are automatically included with no endorsements needed. This saves time and money for our agents and more importantly our insureds.

Q: How long does it take to get a proposal for my municipality?
A: If we have access to all of the information needed we can usually turn a quote around in under 5-10 business days.

Q: How are claims handled?
A: This is unique for each municipality. We are able to handle claims through Saville Public Entity or we can use a third party administrator to handle the claims. Either way we aim to make sure claims are handled within 24 hours.